Saturday, June 11, 2011

Extraordinary Discourse 020: The World Owes You A Living 1

The World Owes You A Living 1

Advance Of Technology
World Unemployment
Decline Of Individualism
What We're Doing To The Children
Hate, Murder And Social Ambition

Today's Extraordinary Discourse Special is Episode 1 of The World Owes You A Living suite, a 6-part Associational Documentary. Its content was gathered from the early ramping of the "neo-liberal agenda" in the 1980s to the present, and paints a picture of that period which, arcing across the Millennium, appears, now to be approaching some kind of climax. Unfortunately, the narratives in this documentary, which weave 36 themes to outpicture the employment situation, are by no means dated or obsolete, though a new generation of voices has arisen. The good news is that there is indeed tremendous good news, if we look in the right direction-- and there has been for decades now.

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