Saturday, March 22, 2014

Extraordinary Discourse 165

Juking The Orthodoxies

The newborn infant synchronizes body-movements to speech used around her or him... speech is a body-process to the child... the name is in no way distinguished in the child's mind from the thing or event itself. The name enters into logical feedback as a component part of the event, exactly as its smell, taste, touch, and sight do.... a physical response of musculature... the child's thought process is his physical action... by adulthood, the movements have become microkinetic, discernable only by instrumentation, but nevertheless clearly detectable....

...Talking out one's world is frowned on as the communicative, rather than identifying aspects of language are stressed and expected. Along with a continually growing demand for conformity is a demand for silence, unless communication is intended...  ... so the talking out of one's world gets internalized. The internalized language function allies with the secret self operating beneath the mask of outer conformity...
Joseph Chilton Pearce, Magical Child

The Crack In The Cosmic Egg