Saturday, July 27, 2013

Extraordinary Discourse 131

Humanities Manoeuvers

The rigor of an architectural design is so relentless it can easily appear repetitive and boring. Hopper designed this shortcoming with his use of sunlight, which further complicated the architectural patterns with patterns of his own, privileging certain plains, creating brilliant shafts and vivid diagonals. Hopper's buildings are so alive because they fracture space in such interesting ways. What one has here is cubism without the theoretical baggage.
Geoffrey Bent
Edward Hopper And The Geometry Of Despair

Two boys team up and build a full-scale replica of the raft in Huckleberry Finn, using hand-axes for authenticity, and cart it on a trailer to school. It seems the perfect symbol of our object: to get away from the prim widow Douglas and float free for a while.
Garret Keizer