Saturday, May 26, 2012

Extraordinary Discourse 070 Special: The World Owes You A Living 6

Extraordinary Discourse 070 Special: The World Owes You A Living 6
59.38 minutes

Today's Extraordinary Discourse Special is Episode 6, the final episode of The World Owes You A Living suite, a 6-part Millennial Associational Documentary.

Finale. Here we employ our leisure to step out from the Hades of today's work world to survey the broad prospect. What news from the islands? We hear overarching philosophical and deep poetical views, we harken back to Athens and consider the freedom from livelihood they considered a self-evident requirement for citizenship. We recall the great drama of the soul, responding to the Sufi Khidr (guide), "man of bright prospects, leave your work and meet me at the riverside."

Hey-- We're People!
16 Seminal Quotations
3rd And Last Stage Of Emancipation
Veridical Visions
Liberal Arts
Radiant Aliveness
The Joy Of Not Working
What Are You Living For?

Lao Tzu: "Heaven prefers no-one,
but the sensible person prefers heaven."

Jack Saturday 's The World Owes You a Living is like the wonderful audio
montage artistry of a Firesign Theater or a Ken Nordine, but with a
discernable political point. Highly recommended.

James J. Hughes PhD,
Changesurfer Radio; Executive Director, Institute for Ethicsand Emerging Technologies

"I have listened to The World Owes You a Living over and over again. The CDs deftly strip away the many layers of brittle toxic and dangerous lies told to us about the nature of work. The hundreds of clips of interviews, news stories and commentary are arranged in a way that the CDs are a pleasure and not an effort to listen to. Anyone who wants to know why society is f…ked should check these out. If you can’t afford to buy them for yourself, find some   friends to share the cost or ask your local library to buy them."
C. L'Hirondelle
Founding member of Livable Income For Everyone (LIFE) society and coordinator of the Victoria Status of Women Action Group

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