Saturday, September 14, 2013

Extraordinary Discourse 138

A Bunch Of Goddamn Talk

Like Bellow, his only equal in this, Updike is a master of effortless motion—between third and first person, from the metaphorical density of literary prose to the demotic, from specific detail to wide generalization, from the actual to the numinous, from the scary to the comic.
Ian McEwan
On John Updike
The New York Review of Books

I enjoy this podcast, you will too. I was turned on to it when Dr Dave of Shrinkrapradio read an email from Jack Saturday. I find it amazing how he can pick out the choicest bits of audio and compile them into an hour long program. It incorporates humor, social issues, contemporary themes, and timeless wisdom. I relisten to many of the podcasts as they are verily thought-provoking. Keep up the good work, Jack!
by Trevron0
Review of  Extraordinary Discourse Podcast

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