Saturday, October 20, 2012

Extraordinary Discourse 091

Deeper Zingers

An entertainment, and instrument of Orpheus. Utterance, that is, statutory (words legislate) and statuary (Figurines of Speech) expressive holons in fecund marshlands of coherence-probability fields.

My gallery. It's seamless stitchery, like different-colored crystals in rock, for an involved dramatization. It is labor-incalculable. The gravitas of years of concentrated labor cut each of these jewels from conglomerate and earth, cooked each of these ingots out of raw mined material, and touched up with a brush that could paint variations of silence, even on fire.

Much from my own garden but most, it turns out, from CBC1, a favorite radio station, "Canada's Public Broadcaster." It is to the edge of that gravitas grindwheel we could press the sudden new noses and tails of utterance (in sudden raw ways like the fish tap their noses on the glass in the Undersea Gardens. From across what to the human may appear to be a great gulf, you and this fellow earthling, one standing, one floating, each have reason, and no need, to regard each other. Plucked [each selected utterance] succinctly. Phonemically) to that great grindstone like that giant Gouda cheese-wheel I fancy I sawed during that town's annual cheese festival, a single cheese-wheel, flat, filling a cart behind a horse; that's right, grind your axe on the meat-wheel, alias alias alias, whiplash whiplash whiplash, the Wheel of Birth and Death, until you have the sword of sharpness, the blade so sharp it cuts things together.

--Jack Saturday

There are no truths, only stories.
Simon Ortiz,
Acoma Pueblo poet

The man talking about men as working buffoons is Barry Bien. Here's a tribute to Barry Bien by his son,

Thanks to David Cayley's CBC Radio Ideas series on prisons, among the best radio journalism I have ever heard.