Saturday, September 22, 2012

Extraordinary Discourse 087

Underground Railroad Of Utterances Passing

We're Holding A Class Here, Beneath The School

In general, this podcast can be likened unto an anti-class in the School for Intelligent Skivers and Wishers - a strong theme is Freedom Through Guaranteed Livable Income, so those who come looking for that subject will find a plentiful harvest. This is a one-stop Liberal Arts Deprogram. Listen: the class is deliberately loosely woven institutional analysis ("analysis" = loosening). There are pranksters in the anti-class, balloon-poppers who not only mock anything and everything most unexpectedly, but also spin us, pop us around with non-sequiturs and total irrelevancies and offers to change the subjext. Subjest. Subtext. Context. Non-text. We return regularly and lazily to the topics/themes, but we also go hyper-topical, in a way that is tropical, and sometimes hysterical.

readers refer to
Robinson Jeffers:
Shine, Perishing Republic


Alan Watts
tells a tale or two from Chuang Tzu

song clip:
I Want A Cookie
the Evolution Control Committee