Saturday, June 29, 2013

Extraordinary Discourse 127

Briefings For Intelligent Badasses

There are multiplicities which constantly go beyond binary machines and do not let themselves be dichotomized. There are centres everywhere, like multiplicities of black holes which do not let themselves be agglomerated. There are lines which do not amount to the path of a point, which break free from structure - lines of light, becomings, without future or past, without memory, which resists the binary machine - woman-becoming which is neither man nor woman, animal-becoming which is neither beast nor man. Non-parallel evolutions, which do not proceed by differentiation, but which leap  from one line to another, between completely heterogeneous beings; cracks, imperceptible ruptures, which break the lines even if they resume elsewhere, leaping over significant breaks… The rhizome is all this. Thinking in things, among things - this is producing a rhizome and not a root, producing the line and not the point.
Gilles Deleuze
Dialogues II