Saturday, January 17, 2015

Extraordinary Discourse 208

From A Dot-Connection Collection

Not Everyone has given up on indie, however. As a character in the online comic strip Cat and Girl noted, "Imperfect is the new desirable!" the latest tactic involves a return to the "rougher sounds and images" described by Shields, despite technology that can autotune or auto correct your deficiencies. "We live in a time of ragged edges," proclaims the friend of Girl. Or, as Marginally Mediocre Blogger Tully Mills (who is actually quite a good Blogger despite the name of his blog) asked in March of this year, "Why does my generation try to make everything look like it's straight out of one of my Dad's shitty photo albums from the '70s?"

While our comic strip heroine Girl agrees ("Not everything needs a poorly silk-screened drawing of a bird on it") her friend gets the last word: "If you need me I will be listening to tape hiss in my room."
Indie Won. Now What?
Ryan Bigge
The Best Canadian Essays 2012