Saturday, November 24, 2012

Extraordinary Discourse 096

Playful Learnings And Teachings

On Blue Morning, my big bicycle, steel crow or raven, minimally gentrified in the land of finance capitalism, dressed for the investment climate, anonymous among brokers and quant geeks, adjusting for fiscal drift and partial de-indexation, bank rates and prime rates, in the great field of consortiums, task forces, hardliners, cabinet shuffles, party hacks and scrums, among wholly owned subsidiaries, past hot money flows, bond ratings, protected by the gnomes of Zurich and the oracles of the IMF, I was on alert to push my envelope/diversify my portfolio.

My strategies were dream strategies. Apocalyptic-tack-talk strategies. Hallucinatory and liberal strategies. Rhizomatic and arborescent strategies. Visionary-fairy strategies. Musical stragedies. Strategies of laughter. Today I saw powerful wind in a hurry haul a graceful maple, rakish half crown shining gold, almost horizontal: it bowed over a house and showered its dark roof with leaves. My strategies are storm strategies.