Saturday, January 16, 2016

Extraordinary Discourse 260

Extra! Extra!

to Zo-Zo

by Steve Slavik

the world is a thrift store
where you don’t know
what you want
until you see it—
an ill-arranged litter
of calico cats & spotted dogs
cars & fire-engines
people tall & short
skinny & fat
black-, brown-, or blonde-haired
hydrants, kerbs, trees
giraffes & hippopotami
people hawking onto the sidewalks
peeing on the walls
making their ways to jobs they love
or hate
in the mornings
and back to homes they love
or hate
in the evenings
movies, concerts, plays, operas
songs, books, & banks—
libraries & grocery stores.
the world’s a thrift store
just waiting for you
to poke your way about
to ferret out what you want—
you won’t know it
until you see it—
and you have to grab it immediately
coz it won’t be there tomorrow
& the prices are always
just right & the same
for everybody:
everything costs you
your life
to get out the door.
but maybe someone sees you
& you’re exactly
what he wants,
just the right colour
and size to fit into his life
and already a little bit ragged
& tattered.

December 24, 2015