Saturday, January 4, 2014

Extraordinary Discourse 154

All These Things And More

2014! Leaping in. The topsoil of this "arcades project" is around 30-some years deep, with, as all good soil, deeper bits and newer shit. I consider myself a longtime player in the underplayground in these 30-odd "neoliberal" bullshit years. Here is my collection of stuff I picked up in my underground tunneling, under the mall, beneath the school, beneath the bottom line. Jump in anywhere, from the first in the series to the most recent - they are equally relevant, their themes endlessly entwine and blend.

Anson Rabinbach, editor of New German Critique summarizes Benjamin’s thought […]:

The world is… dispersed in fragments, and in these fragments, the fragments of the world that God has now turned his back on, reside certain presences, which attest to the former existence of their divine character. You cannot actively go about to discover these divine presences, but they can be revealed.

According to Rabinbach, Benjamin’s method was, similar to Freud’s, an attempt to “unlock” these “emanations” by “juxtaposing things that don’t quite necessarily appear to be related to each other… And this is the Kabbalistic sense, that you cannot go directly at the task, because the disclosure of the emanation is blocked.” Benjamin’s fragmentary “method” produced prodigious results—hundreds upon hundreds of pages of essays, and a frustratingly unfinished book published as The Arcades Project.
The Fragmentary, Mystical Thought of Walter Benjamin Presented by Two Experimental Films
Josh Jones
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