Saturday, July 6, 2013

Extraordinary Discourse 128

Positions And Juxtapositions

You could argue people have different approaches to capturing nuggets of wisdom and committing those nuggets to memory. Sure. But I'm skeptical of passive learning. If you don't write down what you're hearing and learning, what the odds you remember it? I take lots of notes in paper mole skin notebooks; every week or so I go back with a different color pen and circle the key sentences; I then transfer these ideas to Evernote files on my computer; and finally, I blog/tweet/publish/email out the crispest, most important ideas or quotes. And this is nothing compared to Tim Ferriss's extreme "take notes like an alpha geek" system, which is worth learning about.
If You Aren't Taking Notes, You Aren't Learning
Ben Casnocha

Why write down? We have recording devices, we can capture the nuggets directly, or lift them on voice if they are text. Then we can stir them and let them play amongst themselves. Nuggets of wisdom, nuggets of eloquence, nuggets of surprise, nuggets of nuttiness.
Jack Saturday