Saturday, February 21, 2015

Extraordinary Discourse 213

I Hear Voices

It is a feature of twenty first century modernity that the tenets around which society is built and organized exist unchallenged. When there is only one cultural perspective and no alternative story, where is the judgment about the worth of the existing regime meant to come from? The left-right political dichotomy serves liberalism by not challenging it. Democracy sustains the status quo by offering the illusion of choice with no choice. Genuine opposition can only emerge if there is an alternative story with which to counter the current mythos. And how that mythos is maintained! By the great world enterprise, with its digital mountain of media propaganda, Hollywood-fashioned histories, global corporate HR masquerading as an education system and pseudo-religious convictions riddled with liberal ethics. Against this multi-billion dollar programme of maintenance, a few mere words could hardly be said to endanger the global regime. Yet John Dunn contends that the weakness of liberalism lies in the shallowness of its roots. The belief in its apparent virtues can only be sustained by lies, and even these cannot disguise liberalism's materialistic origins and sustaining raison d'ĂȘtre. Those who live under its all-seeing eye are left either consciously bereft of meaning or deluded into laughing despair. The world state cannot be opposed from outside. There is no longer any outside. Yet the opposition that must come from within is fragmented. Redemption will not be possible until today's heresies coalesce into a new mythos. Enough of scholarship therefore, original work is needed to expose the essential wheel in the working of things, the eternal struggle between good and evil. Only then will moral choice be clear and a meaningful political dichotomy emerge, with sufficient distance to make liberalism the other.
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Traditionalism: the Only Radicalism, by John Dunn