Saturday, July 26, 2014

Extraordinary Discourse 183

Antidotal Evidance

How do we measure? In as many ways as there are things to measure. We measure in stacks and skeins and stories, a lovely word for a building's height that comes to us from Gothic cathedrals who described the heights of their constructions by the number of stacked stained-glass windows they installed.
Made To Measure
Sue Allison
from The Antioch Review

But my thoughts, I knew, moved in their own ways, logic clumping along on its path and imagination buzzing erratically from lilac to honeysuckle to rosebud, as well as violet, dandelion, red clover, morning glory, and all the other weeds I spent long afternoons prying out of the yard with a forked cultivator.
Helen Keller Answers The Iron
by Andrew Hudgins
from  The Kenyon Review