Saturday, September 10, 2011

Extraordinary Discourse 033

Vocal Uncommonplacing

I seek to develop among my students a taste for doing the Liberal Arts and humanities by opening up discussion about free places, outside work, career, and the domain of "the professional," where sport, art, critical analysis, value creation, and language-- in short the humanities, can be regained and what Jurgen Habermas called the "collapse of the discussional" might be reversed.
Benjamin Hunnicutt

Your intellect is
in fragments,
like bits of gold
Scattered over
many matters.
You must scrape
Together, so the
royal stamp can
be pressed into you.
Cohere, and you'll
be as lovely as
With its central
market, or
Grain by grain,
Collect the parts.
You'll be more
Than a flat coin.
You'll be a cup
With carvings of
the king
around the outside.