Saturday, February 15, 2014

Extraordinary Discourse 160

Visceral Release

Lots of violence, rambunctious profanity, mass psychosis, and fun! And in case you missed some events, an extended newscast to keep you informed of what you really need to know. If for some inexplicable reason the newscast gets tiresome, the news sequence ends at just after 21 minutes in - feel free to fly over the News like Dorothy flew over the Hammerheads to the land of the Quadlings. There's great stuff after that.

Thanks to Norm MacDonald

Thanks to Mark Maron, WTF podcast.

The term profane is derived from the Latin pro (before) and fanum (temple). …the wild realm of the sacred as it was/is before being caged into the temple of Father Time. It is free time/space. This prehistoric sacred is prior to the patriarchal sequestered "sacred" not merely temporally, but more importantly, in range and depth. Since it is not confined within the walls of any spatial or temporal temple, it transcends the "accepted" dichotomies between the sacred and the profane. The... journey into the wildly sacred background is movement into wholeness/integrity... ...we have to be free to dis-cover our own distinctions, refusing to be locked into these mental temples... try to fit... into these categories is attempting something analogous to fitting natural feet into foot-bindings which at first deform and later function as needed supports for contrived deformity.
Mary Daly, Gyn\Ecology