Saturday, March 15, 2014

Extraordinary Discourse 164

People Talking
Through Their Hats


by Carl Sandburg

Proudly the fedoras march on the heads of the some-
what careless men.
Proudly the slouches march on the heads of the still
more careless men.
Proudly the panamas perch on the noggins of dapper
debonair men.
Comically somber the derbies gloom on the earnest sol-
emn noodles.
And the sombrero, most proud, most careless, most dap-
per and debonair of all, somberly the sombrero
marches on the heads of important men who know
what they want.
Hats are sky-pieces; hats have a destiny; wish your hat
slowly; your hat is you.

I seek less to state or display any theme or thought, and more to bring you, reader, into the atmosphere of the theme or thought-  there to pursue your own flight.
Walt Whitman

Speech is a cluster of living beings, moved by rhythms like the rhythms that move the
stars and planets...
Octavio Paz

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Joanna Harcourt-Smith