Saturday, October 1, 2011

Extraordinary Discourse 036

Fractal Documentary

For you if your head is also alive.

This is how philosophy evolved in the symposium, before philosophy was written down. And poetry began with the voice as its only player and the ear as its only recorder. Indeed, I don’t know of any really good writer who was deaf, either. How could one ever come, even with the clever signage of the good Abbé de l’Épée, to appreciate the miniscule twinges and ecstasies of nuance that the well-tuned voice imparts?
Cristopher Hitchens, June 2011

Making mental connections is our most crucial learning tool: the essence of
human intelligence. To forge links, to go beyond the given, to see patterns,
relationships, context.
Marilyn Fergusen, The Aquarian Conspiracy

Thinking that is alive involves seeing connections between seemingly
different phenomena.
Mary Daly

Arthur Koestler has even gone so far as to argue... that jokes represent the primitive basis of creative thought, because they bring together ideas that are normally considered unrelated-- the essential factor in all real originality.
Ann Faraday, The Dream Game

Guy Clark: here.