Saturday, October 29, 2011

Extraordinary Discourse 040: The World Owes You A Living 3

Extraordinary Discourse 040 Special: The World Owes You A Living 3

Workplace And Men
Men And War
Families, Roles
Pictures of Rich and Poor

Today's Extraordinary Discourse Special is Episode 3 of The World Owes You A Living
suite, a 6-part Millennial Associational Documentary.

A good look behind the mask of the job system and its supporting institutions and memes.
Where do we go, men, from a war to a matrix of desks/suit jackets /coldwar defense contracts. Whence domestic violence, "managers"? Powerlessness. Child sexual abuse? Powerless predators. Soul unity, camaraderie of WWII grunts broken into the centrifugal entropia of consumer items for the wife and kids and TV and alcohol til death.

Dr. William Temple, 98th Archbishop of Canterbury: "I am inclined to agree with the Biblical saying that work is a curse."

Dedicated to the #Occupy movements around the planet.

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  1. really enjoyed this "mash-up" collection. At first, I wanted to know who says what only to later realise that it might just take away from the ineffable quality of these mixes.

    Glad I stumbled across this sacred collection.

  2. This is great stuff, I discovered TWOYAL a couple yrs ago and have shared it with my friends and groups. How familiar are you with Henry George's ideas? More than a couple of the folks in your presentation were Georgists.

  3. Thank you for the affirmation. I have come across references to George in researching material, but haven't looked into his theories. I went to Wikipedia just now for an overview. I'd like to know who were the Georgists in my series.

    Your blog looks interesting, I'll be over to check it out.

    best wishes,