Saturday, January 7, 2012

Extraordinary Discourse 050 Special: The World Owes You A Living 4

Extraordinary Discourse 050 Special: The World Owes You A Living 4

Today's Extraordinary Discourse Special is Episode 4 of The World Owes You A Living suite, a 6-part Millennial Associational Documentary.

How Much Is Enough?
Abusers Of The System?
Workers Against Workers
Social Fabric Unraveling/Violence
More on Rich vs Poor

Why the feeding frenzy on full stomachs, the killing frenzy, and the endless energy expended to create scarcities for most people, rather than share the plenty? Why do the rich do it? Robert Heilbroner, famous Harvard economist, says they are driven by "infantile fantasies". Now we see how propaganda, "the cynical manipulation of patriotic sentiment," "weaves of itself" a very nutty world. We may be fooled by the Potemkin's villages of our residential districts and the order, safety, cheerfulness of our consumer items. Hunger, abuse, neglect of the poor, gag orders on Child Welfare workers. Whose interests are being represented?

"The man [sic] in chains, seeing another man without them, thinks, is it possible I could have struck these chains off if I had only tried, that I didn't have to wear them all these years? The thought is unbearable. Better get some chains on the other guy."
John Holt

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  1. incredible. I've just downloaded part five having listened to the previous four. Let's work towards getting you better exposure, like Andrew Gavin Marshall has.